And when the hunger for your touch Rises from the hunger, You whisper, "You have loved enough, Now let me be the Lover."

-Leonard Cohen




I am Vanessa Everett- international lady of mystery, down and dirty, unpretentious yet elevated, raw and elegant.  A Jewish princess from New Jersey gone rogue in the midwest.  I am a free spirit, a kind-hearted outlaw, grown-up wild child and naked life coach.



Explore me- and explore your fantasies and desires, your kinks, turn-ons and the secret curiousities you have never had the right time, place, or woman to fully delve into. 



Who are you?  You are a kindred spirit.  We spark something in each other.  If we were collegues, we might be cautiously flirtatious friends.  If I was the girlfriend of your close friend, you would avoid being alone with me.  I never did anything, and you never did anything, but you feel like something would just... happen.



You are responsible - maybe you take care of everyone else, maybe you are too busy working to take care of anyone.  You do everything you're supposed to do.  I create a space where you can do the things you're not "supposed to" do; a space where you let me take care of you.



You do not want to be my boyfriend, but it's not because you don't like me enough.  You want something else, no better or worse - just different.  Something else we can be to each other.  A space where magical and forbidden things come easily.  Passion without drama, no-strings-attached-soulmates. The freedom to love without consequence. 



I like to think of myself as a facilitator of fantasies... and together we create cherished secrets.  I love that I can be a part of some of your best memories and "bucket list" experiences.  If you think you don't have fantasies of your own, I'll be happy to share mine!  Step into my fantasy and leave with your imagination nourished and a secret memory to enjoy until next time.



I am frequently described as passionate, warm and sensual.  I am a happy person.  I love what I do and I believe that my passion and joy shine through in every encounter. People tell me I have a positive and calming energy.  I am laid back, open, drug and drama free, and a non-smoker.    



If you enjoy my pictures, you will not be disappointed when we meet.  At 4'11" and 110 lbs, I am very petite, but still soft and feminine.  I am a runner and yoga practitioner, with strong legs and a firm, perky bum.  You will find me to be clean and fresh, always in the best lingerie, stockings and heels, with soft, great smelling, naturally curly hair, and just a touch of make up. 



I welcome wardrobe requests and love to plan truly special encounters and make them happen.  The sky is the limit! 


Where I shine brightest is on dinner dates, overnights, and personalized adventures- everything from extended, in depth, role play dinner dates where we spend the entire evening "in character", living out what has often been lifelong fantasies... to long-dreamed-of experiences like swingers parties, outdoor adventures, and many many more.  Nothing makes me happier than making a dream come true.  I thrive on challenges and never pass on an opportunity to be creative.



I am a beautiful and exotic woman, but my role is not to be eye-candy.  I'm here to make you happy, and if that involves messing up my hair, make-up, whatever... I am not vain about how I look.  I will show up looking my best, but what happens from there is up to you.  I am more tactile/kinesthetic than visual myself. 



To me, what is sexy is not so much the scene before my eyes, but the feeling of my body moving to a Motown beat, the sensation of my breasts being released from a push-up bra when it is unhooked by a lover's hand... I love the feeling of a man's hungry eyes on me, but the man who will enjoy me most is not one who wants something pretty to look at...



I am not here to be admired.  I am here to be enjoyed, to consume and be consumed, to get dirty, to get wet, to be experienced with total abandon.


Some men, after years or decades of experimentation, know themselves and what works for them.  If this is you, don't be scared off by my love of improvisation. If you have a script of your own, an erotic ritual or a presise, very specific fetish, I love that! I take it as an opportunity to embody your desires.  Wardrobe requests, do's and don'ts, even a literal script to follow, are all welcome.  I love the challenge, and some of the most satisfying moments for me are when I see the happiness on the face of an admirer whom others may consider "hard to please" or "difficult".  I like a man who knows what he wants.  For the right man, I will spend half the day running around the city finding the exact kind of shoes he likes, getting the "right" style of manicure, a plaid skirt "like the red one in your photos, but blue". 


I don't interpret special requests as insulting or a nuisance, and I welcome honest reviews and feedback.  I know I am not perfect, and I am not for everyone, but I am confident that I am wonderful at what I do, sexy, charming, and memorable.  I'm not scared of the one person out of many who will not like me, and I'm a headstrong, free thinker.  I will never do what "everyone else" is doing, just because "everyone else" is doing it.



I am in my mid 30's and feel blessed to have come of age in a world without social media.  I only started using Twitter 2 years ago, and Instagram one year ago, and while I have fun with it, I know it's not "real".  What is real to me is my flesh and blood, face to face connections and friendships.  I don't take social media very seriously, and I prefer that you contact me by email, not DM.



You will never regret indulging in the kind of bespoke fantasy fulfillment that you will never forget. I hope that years from now, you will look back on our time together, and not be able to help grinning from ear to ear.  That is always my goal.



I keep my promises, and I take people seriously.  I am humbled by the trust and investment that my lovers and friends place in me.  I take nothing for granted, count my blessings daily, and know I have been incredibly fortunate.  I am very giving, and highly receptive. This is my gift, to be a conduit for joy and all the good things the universe has to offer.