May 20 2019

Big plans for this summer!

Hello friends & lovers!

If you follow me on social media (Twitter @vanessa_everett Instagram @vanessaeverettchicago ) you probably know I am taking a little break for some rest, relaxation, and to attend to some personal projects.  But I am already getting antsy to return to companionship, and I have big plans in the works.

This July and August, I will be touring the east coast again, and will also be visiting Arizona for the first time, sometime in August TBA.  If you'd like to see me in your city, please prescreen and let me know where you want me! I may also visit San Diego if there is sincere interest, and screening and deposits go a long way in showing your sincerity.

I'm also using my vacation time to explore creating online content for the first time ever- I'm now offering custom videos & pics, doing skype & phone sessions, and will soon be setting up a manyvids store! This is a new thing for me to explore, but if you are already a fan or admirer, whether a long time patron or crushing from afar, I'd love to hear what kind of content you'd like to see me in.  I'm also looking forward to collaborating with some of my friends who make videos, and working with some great photographers and video artists in the near future!

I've got a lot going on in all areas of my life right now- I have a new home and a new puppy, and I'm really excited about both! Also, in a couple months, I will have a new nephew, and his parents live on the east coast, so NYC and DC can expect regular visits from me for the forseeable future.

Do you wish I updated this blog more?  

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