Dec 25 2018

My semi-annual lingerie sale!

So, twice a year, the famous Agent Provacateur lingerie label has a sale.  Although recently I've been discovering and being inspired by newer, smaller brands which are doing the most interesting and high quality designs these days, I will always have a soft spot for AP, from the decadent and atmospheric videos they produce every season, to the pink and black boxes that make every girl's heart skip a beat when produced by a suitor...

So I am continuing my tradition of offering a special to coincide with the twice yearly AP sale.

Basically, the way it works is you get a discounted booking (about 20% off), you get to see me in my new lingerie, and you get to use your credit card without giving it to me, which some see as a bonus, depending on their own lifestyles and situations. ;)  You buy me lingerie of my choice, or a gift card, in lieu of cash.

You MUST make it clear when booking that you are interested in taking part in my lingerie sale.  This offer is only good for bookings in Chicago, or on scheduled tours of Michigan and Illinois.  Not  valid for New Years Eve or Valentine's Day bookings.  Outcalls may require additional travel fee.  For obvious reasons, this opportunity is limited to only a few clients each time, and I only need one of each item... Also, Whole Foods and my nail salon do not accept Agent Provacatuer gift cards, so I can't live on AP alone, as nice as that may sound...

I am also putting a new spin on the "lingerie sale" idea this year... I have been accumulating this stuff for years, and I have quite a lot at this point.  If you see something in my photo gallery or my selfies on social media that you would like to purchase (clean or dirty, special requests considered) I may be willing to sell it, making room for more pretty things in my closet!

So, here is my take on the AP semi-annual sale.


Dinner date (dinner + 1hr)

Soni Corset Size Small, $675 $472



One hour, $316 (not available for a first meeting, return friends only)

Aymee bra Size 34D  $215 $107

Aymee panty  Size Small $145 $72

Aymee garter belt Size Small $165 $82

Amber stockings Size Small $55


90 minutes, $362 gifts + $200 cash

Daizy bra Size 34C $285 $142

Daizy panty Size Small $190 $95

Daizy garter belt Size Small $250 $125


2 hours- $300 AP gift card + $300 cash


Overnight- $589 gifts + $1400 cash

Gayle bra, Size 34C or 34D, $675 $337

Gayle panty, Size small, $505 $252