Here is what some of my friends have said about their experiences with me:



"I wanted to treat myself to a birthday present... Vanessa responded within a day. We set up a time and day, she let me know location the morning of.  No last minute call off because something came up (which has happened several times recently.). 

What a wonderful time I had.  The pictures are 100% her. Her hair is soft, very soft. I loved touching it (weird? No, just very touchable). The communication via PM, texts, and calls were timely and pleasant. We met at her upscale location. 

She is just what I wanted: short, slender, affectionate (huggy and kissy), pleasant to talk with, and focused on me -- Her eyes looking up at me and her sensitivity to my responses, We spent the longest most enjoyable hour that went by too fast. During our time together I often thought "not since . . . has this been so enjoyable."   I'm not into tattoos, and yes she has several tattoos, but the way we interacted I didn't notice them at all.

Recommend, yep. Repeat, yep. "


"I finally got with Vanessa this past Wednesday night!  In a word: AWESOME!!!!!  Worth the wait, oh yes!! If you know her, you know what I mean - If you don't know her, you should. Super Cute little spinner with that naturally curly hair.   "


"She answered the door still damp from the shower in not much at all. Led me back to her playroom where I got to find out about the rest of her skills, which are wonderful... Vanessa is a very passionate lady, who seems to be insatiable. Yes, I would recommend and plan to repeat. Thanks Vanessa for a great time."


"Vanessa's pictures and info caught my eye.  We agreed to meet and she was everything I was hoping for.  Though I am not young I was pretty nervous and she made me feel comfortable very quickly.  Easy to schedule with and a safe incall location.  I cant wait to see her again"



"I wanted a GFE session... to me that means an attitude that permeates the whole experience. It starts with respect for the client. That means that messages are returned promptly. Once you walk in the door it means you are greeted in such a way that you feel wanted. There is an art in making a client feel comfortable, and that he is an object of desire by a beautiful woman. Vanessa delivers that experience, and she takes pride in her craft so I am sure every client will be treated that way. I drove four hours each way for my appointment with Vanessa and I would do it again, so you know how I feel. To top it off, Vanessa is just a very nice person. Someone you would like to be friends with outside of the hobby (if society allowed such things)."



"We always have an awesome time. Today I had an extended appointment with Vanessa in which we went to the Tiger game at Comerica, had a nice dinner and some playtime afterwards. It was a wonderful time with an amazing lady. Vanessa always has a way of making you feel like you are the center of her universe. Despite the fact the Tigers lost, the day was a huge success. Thanks Vanessa for a great time."


"I met this lovely lady at the recent luncheon and was quite impressed with her beautiful looks, tiny frame...  After a few messeges & a couple calls I was at a very nice upscale location..I was greeted with a hug & kiss in the cutist little package I've ever seen... very intense, responsive to everything, excellent skills, great kisser.  I believe everyone was satisfied.  Looking forward to her return visit."


"Communication was extremely easy and she was more than accommodating... She answered the door in sexy lingerie and was very friendly and welcoming. We chatted for a few and got down to business. I will not go into details but she is very skilled at what she does and she has a very nice body and is extremely attractive."


"There was so much to enjoy with Vanessa. She is a great kisser, I love her hair, she is wild BCD, she is so petite, and she can more than hold her own on a wide range of subjects. I will undoubtedly see her again and I hope I can arrange that soon.

Would you repeat / recommend to others: 

I would see Vanessa again without any hesitation. Every aspect of our meeting was BIG fun. I spent two hours with her and could have spent so much more time."



"Had the pleasure of Vanessa's company at a recent trip to the Schvitz.  I had seen her before, in a duo with (another lady) that was out of this world, so I knew I would enjoy a little one on one time with Vanessa.  Communication was excellent.  She replied promptly.  We enjoyed the usual activities that the Schvitz has to offer.  And I mean we enjoyed them.  We enjoyed the hell out of them!  Vanessa has a killer body that is the dream of any man or woman.  She is enthusiastic and responsive to all activities.  So responsive, I think she broke one of my ribs kicking me in the back!  I am really looking forward to another wrestling match with Vanessa at the Schvitz real soon."  (The Schvitz is a bathhouse the hosts a couple's night/adult lifestyle party)


"Dear Vanessa... I wanted to write a review of you. I am having difficulty finding the words.  

 First, I need some kind of theme. I have not found it. There are so many different things I like - make that love - about you. Am I supposed to make that a theme? "Many good things" as a theme? Bah. That is terrible writing. I refuse to just make a list of my favorite things about spending time with you. A list is not a review. All I have is this list. When I think of you, all I get is this list of things I love about you. No theme. I suck. I am sorry. 

And the the individual things I love about you are all so individual and different. There is the initial vision of you as I walk in the door. Awesome presentation. Wonderful smell, your breasts are hypnotizing.

Then I sit down and you climb on top of me, which is ok for a while, but then I have to spoil it to get my clothes off. Is that my fault or your fault? 

Kissing you is my favorite thing. Well for a while. Then you climb on top of me and keep kissing me and I like that more. 

Eventually, I have to have dinner. Wow, you serve a good dinner. You seem to like it as well.

Then we return to kissing, and more kissing, until, until, ... until you decide to have dinner. Suddenly, a global warmth paralyzes me from my knees to my armpits. I cannot move. For a long time. I really don't know what happened, except that I am paralyzed. 

Then you climb back on top of me, for a long time. You hold me while I need to be held.

Slowly we start talking. Your intelligence and common sense pour out. The sexiness of your entire person, your entire body has become focused in your beautiful smile and delightful eyes. I love talking with you. Everything just gets better and better. I want to stay and keep talking with you forever.

I can't. I am already over time. Shit. I have to go. As I leave and kiss you goodbye, there is that wonderful smell again. And then I have to leave.


I am so sorry, Vanessa. I tried. 

I cannot write a review. I cannot find a common theme. All I have is this list. All I have is this long list of wonderful things about you, what I like about spending time with you. 

Please accept this apology for my inability to write. 

Maybe it is time for some additional research. Would you mind?"



"Upon arriving she gave me the most passionate, deep french kiss I've had in a while. And it didn't stop there. Our lips seemed like were locked together for the entire appointment.

She was wearing her trademark bustier with thigh highs and a garter belt. That was a little challenge for a rookie like myself to get off but we managed. All of Vanessa's GFE skills were excellent.

Besides being a great kisser Vanessa is a very VERY passionate lady. She responds to your touch like the girl who just can't get enough. She put those kegel exercises to good use with some moves that I have never felt before. Needless to say I couldn't last as long as I had planned . The remainder of the time was spent in each others arms. Kissing and talking and kissing some more.

I will repeat and highly recommend her!"


"Have been wanting to see Vanessa ever since she moved to the area- and finally got our schedules to work.  Communication was easy.  Met at her private incall, in a nice, quiet neighborhood - and quite close for me, very convenient!

She is friendly and open,  immediately puts you at ease.  Her photos are accurate, I would call her a 'spinner'.  A very sexy, very talented lady - with phenomenal skills.  An incredibly pleasurable experience, I'm looking forward to repeating."



"I had seen Angel Anne before and we had a great time, so when she and Vanessa posted that they were doing duos, I knew I had to give it a try.  Set up was easy.  We met at Anne's place.  She has a King size bed and the three of us used every inch of it!    Rolling, tumbling, and twisting around.  What a great time.  Me and her and her.  Her and her and me.  Her and me and her!  The ladies were into each other.  The ladies were into me.  I was into them.  The ladies followed my directions since I had a check list of positions that I wanted to try, and we got thru most of them.  I had a great two hour session, and it was great big fun!  I plan on finishing the list soon!"


"She walked into the party last night and immediately all heads turned towards the door. 'Who is that?' fellow hobbyists wondered as she took off her coat. If not for the hair I would not have recognized her: Vanessa Everett is back. She looks sensational, having lost a lot of weight and has a new fitness routine. Today I had the opportunity to examine that sexy new body at her incall. The lady is extremely skilled, passionate and showed a great deal of enthusiasm. I will not go into intimate details, but it was a pure hour of pleasure which ended way too quickly and left me wanting more of this delicious lady.   She was very easy to set up with and responds well to text messages and PMs. I strongly recommend if you are looking for a great time, give Vanessa a call, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for a appointment I will always remember. "